The Artist

The Artist

“When did you begin making your art?” - Very American® 

“Hmm, how old are you when you can hold a pencil?” - Andrea

Andrea wearing a black long sleeve Vintage Logo from Very American®.

As soon as she could hold a pencil, Andrea Forde began sketching.  Her childhood was a bit like pop rocks. Some fireworks - and let’s be honest, discomfort - have to occur before the sweet candy begins to chill.  As a young girl growing up in Mattapan, MA, she quickly became privy to the chaotic environment that often lurks in low income neighborhoods. During the school year, she was part of the METCO Program which promotes educational opportunities while increasing diversity in Boston’s suburbs. But school only accounts for so much of a day.  At home, Andrea filled her hours with art.

Distractions fell into the background as creating became her conscious reality. Even her two younger sisters knew when Andrea was creating, she was to be left alone. To be left in peace. Despite spending over a decade in a relationship with art, Andrea found herself at Regis College majoring in Biology - the type of long distance relationship that doesn’t leave much time for one another.

Andrea learning to blow glass.

She was the first in her family to attend college, and the pressure of finances, careers, and “the big life plan” seemed to outweigh any passion she once felt. The overwhelming emotions of being away from home while navigating a life full of what-ifs became too much. Andrea made the educated decision to take a step back from college and used this time to reflect on what sparked joy in her life.

As she took time to reassess, Andrea once again found herself picking up the pencil. Art cracked open the dust covered window, allowing fresh air to flow. The pencil quickly turned into water colors and then acrylics.  Soon she was working with clay and learning to make candles and blow glass. She couldn’t get her hands on mediums fast enough. Andrea experimented merging different mediums together as she began to find beauty in the chaos. For the first time, Andrea was the one calling the shots. She chose where the beads felt safest in the clay. She chose art once again.

Andrea's art

In the last couple of years, Andrea has slowly regained her confidence as an artist. She is finally ready to share her art beyond the confines of her apartment.  Andrea is currently looking for scholarships to go back to school to obtain a degree in Art.  In the meantime, she takes online courses in Adobe and watches YouTube videos to self teach. One day, she hopes to create virtual realties and 3D graphics for a living.

Until then, Andrea continues to find solace in her creations. Learning new techniques and working with her hands keeps life interesting, and we’re excited to see what Andrea designs next!

To support Andrea’s art and to help boost this fantastic woman’s confidence, give her a follow on a brand NEW Instagram account and check out her Etsy Shop as she begins to offer more items!

Thank you for sharing your art with us, Andrea!


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