The Specialist

The Specialist

Crystal Guglielmo is a power house. At just 20 years old, Crystal is working three jobs, all of which are dedicated to helping others.

 In the summer before 7th grade, Crystal’s mom gave her an ultimatum: Attend a Youth Police Academy during the summer or accompany her to work every day until school began again.  Though she didn’t jump for joy at the idea of a day camp with a bunch of cops, it was the obvious choice.  To her surprise, she ended up enjoying herself quite a bit.  In fact, Crystal went on to attend numerous Youth Police Academies through the end of high school.  Crystal soon realized she could see herself in law enforcement one day.  

When she was 16, Crystal began her journey with the Emerson, NJ Fire Department. She quickly completed the Fire 1 Course and began entering burning buildings.


During her senior year of high school, Crystal decided to enlist in the Army Reserves.  She left for Basic Training in South Carolina four months after graduating and embarked on her 6-year contract.  After completing Basic Training, she shipped off to Virginia for Advanced Individual Training to obtain her Military Occupational Specialty.  Crystal chose to study 91F Small Arms and Artillery Repair, an armor position, and is now ranked as a Specialist.  In October 2021, she and thousands of others received Mobilization Orders to fly to Wisconsin to provide security detail and aid for Afghan Refugees.

Army Reserve Specialist

When she isn't working for the Reserves, Crystal is a First Responder Dispatch Associate for the Emerson Police Department.  She is also training to become certified as a Rescue Technician for the Fire Department.

When asked what she enjoys most about her positions, Crystal replied, “It’s the people. You wouldn’t expect to meet or get along with some, but you develop a bond.  You have to put aside all differences to work together for the greater good.”

Crystal is certainly a member of that greater good. We have nothing but gratitude for Crystal and her service - locally and nationally.  She is the definition of a “Good Egg” and she’s just starting out.  We can’t wait to see how her career unfolds.

To follow this exciting Very American® career, check out Crystal's socials!



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  • Mia Oliver

    Congratulations Crystal on such impressive talent, dedication and compassion! The world needs more Crystals! May God always bless and protect you!

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